First post?

So this is my first post ,huh? Should it be emotional ,or logical i wonder. I think i should write something about my past.

I was born and raised in Greece ,in a small town outside Thessaloniki. Throughout my school years i wasn’t anyone extraordinary ,i used to be a normal student with average grades and average body. In my early school years i was loud but as i was growning up i found the meaning in silence ,therefore in high school i was getting extra grades for being quiet in class. I know ,it is both annoying and awesome. I didn’t really want to study anything in particular so i stayed away from university. That wasn’t easy. The pressure was enormous from the people around me ,i think most of you understand that. At the time i was thinking that i could study any time and i believed that i would go to college before i was 23. Actually now in my twenty forth year of living i can say that i would like to study a bunch of things. Yeah ,exactly ,i still have no idea what i want to do! Anyway i was lucky to have been born in a family that tries to understand and support me. That’s all i can ask for really. I started working the year i finished high school and i’ve been trying to create a better tomorrow for me and my friends ever since. The road is very difficult but i am determined to work hard. I have some strange ideas that i am going to share with anyone willing to listen and hopefully we can change together. Up until now i have been very secretive about my thoughts and ideas because most of them are not what society would call normal. I think that’s enough for now ,i should keep some things hidden from you to make our relationship more exciting. Have fun!



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